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Content solves. Accept this fact and create only high-quality texts and publications.

The user always has the question — to buy from you or elsewhere?.. 95% of people study the content on the website before making a purchase. What does this mean for your company? Content must be of high quality and interesting. It should help sales. You can write all the texts for the website on your own or entrust this task to your most responsible and “eloquent” manager — but it’s better if everyone will do their job! Entrust content and copywriting to professionals – order copywriting services in LuxSite.

What are we doing

  • Writing selling texts
    We create selling texts that are written once but work for many years. Our texts motivate to buy and make to fall in love with your company, product or service.
  • Development of content strategy
    The approach to content production must be comprehensive. A competent content strategy takes into account your goals and objectives, but it does not overload customers with exclusively selling materials. Content strategy is a balance between profit and sales. This is about the content and its effective distribution.
  • Writing articles to order
    Informational, entertainment, news materials, storytelling, guides and manuals, reviews, recommendations — we write interesting, useful articles for the user and optimize them for search queries. In different languages and on different topics.
  • Texts for email newsletters
    Yes, the email newsletter is still alive. And yes — it works great. We will write the best texts for your letters, and also we will make everything beautifully and stylishly, will send it to your favorite clients and analyze the results.

Our approach to working with texts

  • Before writing articles, we analyze the client’s request, business, niche, competitive environment. If you decide to order an article for the website, you will have to fill out a brief or, at least, give us the initial information – we won’t be able to do anything without it;

  • We study the target audience (the author must understand for whom he/she writes, the text “to nowhere” will bring the same “no” result);

  • We collect semantics, plan the structure of the text, write technical task, discuss the deadline for copywriting and rewriting;

  • We create a great text and approve it with you. You are satisfied — we are satisfied; the text goes to your or our specialists for further work.

Our rules


Texts must be readable — useful and interesting. In the first place — optimization for the user, and only then — for search engines.


100% unique content with a minimum of water and spam, optimized for the current requirements of search engines.

Well thought out structure and literacy

We ourselves terribly do not like texts with spelling, punctuation mistakes and with confusion in the structure. And carefully protect our customers from them.

Prices for copywriting depend on the scope, topic and technical requirements for the text. We will create an individual proposal when we find out what goals you need to achieve with the help of texts.


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