We will create a video that will work for you.

What are we doing

  • Promotion of YouTube channel
  • Video shooting
  • Creation of promo videos
  • Video editing and processing

Video production

We create commercials with a thoughtful script, graphics and filming that capture the attention from the first seconds. Use this to benefit your business.

Each video has its own goal: to tell customers about the company, introduce a new service to the market, stimulate interest, create a viral effect. We create and edit videos in accordance with your goals and requests: for YouTube, corporate image videos, promotion of individual services or products.

What do we propose

  • Online streaming and multi-camera shooting of large-scale events

  • Filming of celebrating events (without online streaming)

  • Product reviews

  • Creation of a video blog

  • Advertising and promotional videos

  • Presentational videosz

  • Animation

  • Video presentation and video reports

  • Interview

  • Web series

  • Nonstandard video projects

How the process goes

We will come up with a concept, create a script, make a video, do post-production – we have a team of professionals for working on a video of any scale and complexity. You do not have to spend time looking for a creative producer or a talented cameraman. We will provide you with professionals at every stage of video shooting and editing. Here are the main steps that we will go through to make a “perfection”:


Everything starts with an idea. At this stage, we develop an idea, think over the purpose of the video, its structure, and calculate the budget.


The stage of writing and approving of the script, selection of locations, props, preparation of the necessary equipment for filming.

Video shooting

Directly the process of video shooting in a studio or certain locations.


Video editing, audio and visual effects, correction, sound, etc. The price of post-production depends on the volume and complexity of the work.

Creation and promotion of videos for YouTube

Do you want to create a video that will blow up YouTube and will not stop at 500 views? We know how to make the video work for you. Competent YouTube promotion will expand the audience and increase the percentage of conversions.YouTube is not only a video-sharing website but also the second largest search engine in terms of traffic volume after Google. Use it! Promotion of the YouTube channel of the company is an opportunity to grow a new source of the target audience, where your competitors still haven’t moved a finger.

We create videos that YouTube users like and additionally “warm up” them to reach the biggest possible audience. How we will make your brand a YouTube star:

  • we will film and edit a cool video — we know what kind of videos users like the most;

  • we will provide video promotion on YouTube: select search queries, optimize videos for key queries;

  • we will provide promotion of the channel on YouTube.

The promotion of the YouTube channel from LuxSite means an increase in the number of views, subscriptions, likes and comments under the videos. We will bring to you a new interested audience.

Do you need quality internet marketing?
We will help both partly and with the conduction of the project on a turnkey basis.


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