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Website Development Using Opencart


Opencart, e-commerce CMS (content management system), is an open source system designed to create online stores. It is suitable for creating stores of primary and secondary level. The functionality of the basic platform is sufficient to solve most of the tasks of the online store.
The functionality of the basic assembly can be expanded by creating additional software modules, or using ready-made solutions, including commercial ones.

Opencart Features

An Opencart feature is the speed of its work (a short time of pages loading) with a sufficient set of functions necessary for the online store.
In addition, an attractive feature of the system is the ease of its maintenance by developers.

Opencart Functionality

Opencart allows you to:
Manage the catalog, in particular: categories of goods, individual goods, attributes (filters) of goods, their producers, reviews, etc.;
Automatically collect statistics of sales, orders, including periodic ones;
Manage clients, customer groups;
Create promotions, discount coupons;
Generate various reports.

Opencart Comparison With Other E-commerce Platforms

Compared to other e-commerce systems with a large set of tools to support the online store, Opencart is the fastest-running system. For the same reason, Opencart is least demanding of hardware resources (servers).
Opencart maintenance requires the least-cost spending compared to most e-commerce systems.

When Should I Use Opencart?

Opencart is ideal for small and medium-sized online stores. Moreover, this system can be used as the first platform for developing an online store, where you can practice most of the methods of doing business online.

Website Maintenance Using Opencart

Compared to other e-commerce systems, Opencart is the least demanding of the professional service personnel’s (developers’) qualifications. At the same time, maintenance by managers and sellers does not require additional training.

Opencart — for creation of small online stores or start-ups.

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Creation And Promotion Of Turnkey Websites


Suitable for
promotion of single
goods/services, or
as a business card website


Website providing
comprehensive information
about the company
and its activities


A full-fledged store
with managed directory
of goods, a cart,
commercial accounting


For information websites,
or media designed for
large traffic and
individual functionality

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