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In a business, the first impression is part of what influences brand success. It is what promises overall success of a business. Presently, making a great first impression is not just about excellent customer service. It is also shining on the digital front. Prospective customers want to be completely impressed by your business when they make a virtual visit. It all comes down to your website. Does it have everything needed to make a lasting impression on visitors? The answer to this question has been explored in the next part of this post.

What is the purpose of websites?

Businesses primarily use websites to transform visitors into potential customers. They aim to convince visitors to embrace their products and services. Companies also use websites to position themselves as credible, reliable and experienced to target customers. Companies can only achieve these goals if they have in place strategic online marketing techniques. Web development is one of the online marketing techniques companies should consider. Quality and creatively designed websites help companies to generate business through the acquisition of new customers.

Main objectives of web development

What to specialists aim for when developing websites for clients? They design websites with the following goals in mind:

  • To ensure prospective and present customers or clients access information about a company.
  • To help companies generate revenue (market and sell products and services on offer).
  • To enable prospective and current customers bond with a company.

What web development services should you expect from Luxsite professionals?

Customers are driven by the desire to interact with companies online. Does your website help them
achieve their goals? Luxsite web development professionals can design your website in a way that pulls in customers who enhance the realization of your online marketing goals.

They provide full web development services ranging from planning, designing to web development. They develop websites that are well optimized to support businesses SEO goals. If you need a company page, a service website, a blog or advanced portal, they are capable of providing the specific web development service you seek. They help you to sell your brand online professionally and effectively. They major in web development services which include:

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1. Built-in optimization

The foundation of an effective website is content. Not just any type of content but one that is of worth to visitors. It has to be of high-quality standards. Nowadays, customers’ purchasing power is tied to a company’s online presence. Majority of customers decide whether or not to buy products and services based on their online experience. The expectations of your website visitors are to find or see interesting content. The content must also be on par with the search results. This is to say that a company website’s accessibility, appearance, and usability is fundamental if it intends to put up with existing competition.

Luxsite web developers have intense knowledge in search optimization. They develop websites for clients while ensuring they are easily found by visitors and stay on top of the game in search engines. They also use page optimization that does not expose your website to sanctions by Google.

2. Developing mobile responsive websites

Most website traffic is generated from mobile devices. It is, therefore, a necessity for companies to develop mobile-friendly websites. How does this start? A responsive website design it is. Such a design is essential in providing a satisfying user experience. It means visitors to your website can comfortably access it using a laptop, a desktop computer, a smartphone or even a tablet. They can read content and navigate the website easily. Luxsite web developers design websites that are mobile responsive and fully compatible with each device used by a particular person. They ensure your website maintains an appealing design regardless of whatever device a person accesses it on. They use web designs that are dynamic and adjust for users with different devices. This ensures the website performs optimally and is sensitive to the needs of customers.

3. Web hosting services

Hackers are everywhere trying to frustrate the operations of businesses. Their everyday goal is to get their dirty hands on sensitive customer information. It is not always possible to shield your company’s website from hackers. When the hackers finally get to you, you will be in the spotlight for failing to protect your clients’ confidentiality. Businesses must be pro-active in ensuring their websites are secure from hackers. Effective web hosting can protect your business from hackers.

Web hosting provides maximum security making it difficult for hackers to access a website. Thanks to Luxsite web developers, you don’t have to be uncertain that you will face a security breach. They offer secure and safe web hosting. They protect clients’ information form crashes by developing independent servers for each client or business that solicits their web hosting services.

4. Analytics

It is important for any business to fully grasp its website statistics. It helps to keep tabs on a business’ online presence. Luxiste web developers assist businesses to understand and endorse the best methods of monitoring their online presence.

5. WordPress development

WordPress is a flexible, simple and search engine friendly platform. It allows for the simplified content management system. Luxsite web developers provide WordPress development services to clients thus making it easy for them to manage content.

In conclusion, a website is one of the vehicles that drive prospective customers to a company or a business. It is the compass that gives direction to customers and entices them to yearn for more engagement with your products and services. Your website must, therefore, offer an exciting user experience design. Your website is like a tour that prospective customers decide to indulge in. The tour must give them all the information they need to know about your company. Will a tour of your website nourish them? Or discourage them from becoming new and active customers? It is up to your to decide. The secret is this: invest in quality web development. Not sure how or where to begin your web development journey? At you will find plenty of web development services that you can solicit from them including search engine optimization, conversion optimization, landing page design and more.

Creation And Promotion Of Turnkey Websites


Suitable for
promotion of single
goods/services, or
as a business card website


Website providing
comprehensive information
about the company
and its activities


A full-fledged store
with managed directory
of goods, a cart,
commercial accounting


For information websites,
or media designed for
large traffic and
individual functionality

We Use Different CMS And Frameworks

This article describes three platforms for creating websites: Opencart, Magento and Symfony 2. Upon reading this article, you will be advised on which of the described platforms should be used in your case.

Tip: If you do not have time to read the entire article, just read 3 small paragraphs at the start. These are quick tips for choosing a platform.

Quick Tip:
Use Opencart to create small online stores or start-ups. Opencart is the speed of operation, simplicity, and accessibility in use.

  • What is Opencart?
  • Opencart features
  • Opencart functionality
  • Opencart comparison with other e-commerce platforms
  • When should I use Opencart?
  • Website maintenance using Opencart

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Quick Tip:
Use Magento to create complex and large online stores.
Magento is a solution with vast functionality for a large store requiring an appropriate approach from the business owner.

  • What is Magento?
  • Magento features
  • Magento functionality
  • Magento comparison with other e-commerce platforms
  • When should I use Magento?
  • Website maintenance using Magento
    More >

Quick Tip: Use Symfony 2 to develop complex projects of any direction when capabilities of specialized platforms are exhausted and if you have experience with simpler systems. Symfony 2 practically offers unlimited possibilities for large and complex projects of various kinds.

  • What is Symfony 2?
  • Symfony 2 features
  • Symfony 2 functionality
  • Symfony 2 comparison with other e-commerce platforms
  • When should I use Symfony 2?
  • Website maintenance using Symfony 2
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