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Usability and SEO Audit

Usability audit is a set of activities aimed at identifying problem areas that cause difficulties for users during their interaction with a website and defining of possible ways for solving the problems for greater productivity of a web resource.

A user-friendly website is an efficient and useful tool for any business. Usability audit is a process that responsible for improving its structure and navigation by identifying problematic components.

Determination of factors that may be the reasons for the low efficiency of your web resource and the development of recommendations for improving your website performance are the tasks for our specialists. Without global changes and redesign, they can increase the productivity of a website to boost sales and revenue.

Audit elements: 

  • Overview of website
  • Development and improvement of website components
  • Analyze the interaction of website with the audience
  • Improvement of content
  • Finding design solutions
  • Identification of company
  • Report with a full description of the audit analysis

Usability audit provides with: 

  • Description of broken element and errors with explanations, why it is considered as an error 
  • Recommendations for necessary changes with samples, if needed 
  • Monitoring the implementation process with tracking of changes online 

SEO audit process

The process of SEO audit is needed for evaluation of a web resource and determination of factors, which are influencers for visibility of the website in search engine.  SEO audit will show whether your promotion efforts are efficient. Correction of technical errors and adaptation of the website to the requirements of search engines can be provided in short terms at fair prices.

By ordering SEO optimization process you will get SEO audit for free.

A list of errors, formulated during the SEO audit process, will help you to understand the causes of lowering website position and ranking and help to develop a plan for their elimination and general improvement of a web resource.

audit components

Analysis of

the strengths and weaknesses of your business

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Usability Audit For Your Website

website design companies

Description of errors on the website

With interpretation,
why exactly this is an error

web design images

Recommendations for changes

If necessary,
with examples

web agency sydney

Control of the implementation of changes

With online tracing
of changes

SEO Audit For Your Website

SEO audit is an evaluation of the website for its optimisation on search engines.

This is necessary if you have a website and your goal is to climb to the very TOP on certain key queries. The audit is also needed to ensure that investments in your website promotion are not in vain. The SEO audit service provides the website with successful promotion by analysing technical problems, thereby saving you large amounts of money. The combination of these two services will allow you to achieve the highest possible results and performance indicators of your business.

When ordering SEO promotion – SEO audit is FREE.

What will you get? On receiving a list of errors, you can form an idea of why your website is not in the TOP RESULTS and find out what are best steps to improve the website performance.

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Price: $120
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Price: $200
Period: within 3 days

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Price: $250
Period: within 3 day

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