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Technical support of websites

You have built a great website, with a clear structure and a beautiful, user-friendly interface. But this is only the beginning. Don’t relax – after launching the website, it is needed to provide high-quality technical support in time.

What happens without technical support?

  • technical errors and bugs appear on the website, it irritates users and makes them go to competitors;
  • the site goes down due to periodic problems with hosting;
  • goods and services information is not updated in time;
  • while competitors create new pages, banners and build an audience, your site suffers because of uncertainty.

The only solution in the face of wild competition is professional website maintenance.


What does website maintenance include:

Updating and correction of outdated information
Modernize, change pages or template
Download new information and graphic materials
Creating new pages and placing them on the site
Image editing
Correction of errors on the site
Create backup copies (backups)
Monitoring the health and safety of the site
Automatic check for viruses, critical errors
Site recovery, prompt elimination of errors and failures
Update CMS, plugins (if applicable)
Administration of sites and mail services.

Website maintenance may be temporary. In this case, you will pay less but lose much more. Why?

Temporary website support is a blindfolded dance.

  • Firstly, no one will control the site. If a problem arises, you will need to find a specialist in your company, who is responsible for it and is not busy with anything.
  • Secondly, that employee, who will work with the website, does not know it at all. Therefore, such help can be compared with the consultation of an unfamiliar doctor – it seems he/she have helped but, in fact, did not have time to delve into the problem. But constant support is like going to a family doctor: the patient’s “body” is well familiar to him/her. Knowing your website like the back of our hand, we will quickly and promptly correct everything that “goes wrong” without spending half a day trying to figure out all problems.

Some clients prefer to support their website independently. Is it possible? Of course, but in this case, you need to be ready for two difficulties:

  • Time and careful control. In order for the technical support of the website to be continuous, it will also be necessary to monitor its operation continuously. Now imagine how much time it will take. It is more logical if everyone will do own job: your time is yours, and technical concerns are our work.
  • Knowledge. Website maintenance requires highly specialized knowledge and skills.

Price of website maintenance:

What will be the price of website support? The price of website support in Kyiv depends on:

  • scope and type of work;
  • time spent by specialists on updating and supporting;
  • complexities and methods of tasks implementation.

Website support in Kyiv or any other city with the “LuxSite” team means timeliness, efficiency and an intelligent approach!


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