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What is OpenCart?

OpenCart – e-commerce CMS (content management system), an open source system designed to create online stores. It is suitable for the creation of primary and mid-level stores. The functionality of the basic platform is sufficient to solve most of the tasks of an online store.

The functionality of the basic assembly can be expanded by creating additional software modules or using ready-made solutions, including commercial ones.

Characteristics of OpenCart

A feature of OpenCart is the speed of work (low page load time) with a sufficient set of functions required for an online store. In addition, an attractive feature of the system is the simplicity of its maintenance by developers.

Possibilities of OpenCart

OpenCart allows you to:

  • manage the catalog, in particular, the categories of goods, individual goods, attributes (filters) of goods, manufacturers, reviews, etc.;

  • automatically collect sales statistics, orders, including periodic ones;

  • manage customers, customer groups;

  • create promotions, discount coupons;

  • generate various reports.

Comparison of OpenCart with other e-commerce platforms

Comparing with other e-commerce systems with a sufficient number of tools to ensure the operation of an online store, OpenCart is the most rapidly functioning system. For the same reason, OpenCart is less demanding for hardware resources (servers). Maintenance of OpenCart is less expensive than most e-commerce systems.

When can OpenCart be used?

OpenCart is perfect for online stores of small and medium volume. Also, this system can be used as the first platform for the development of an online store, where you can work out most of the techniques of running an online business.

Website maintenance in OpenCart

Comparing to other e-commerce systems, OpenCart is less demanding to programmer qualifications. At the same time, managers and salespeople do not require additional training for maintenance.


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