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We create a convenient modern design that makes to fall in love with your business.

What can we help you with?

A team of experienced specialists will develop a website design and conduct competent business packaging. We work in the following directions:

  • Creation of website designs.

  • Brand identity.

  • Design for social networks and advertisements.

  • Print design.

Website design

You have only a couple of seconds to grab the user’s attention. Website design is the first thing that catches your eye. The user evaluates your company by design. Convenient and stylish website design is another key to high conversions. Of course, you can try the free template. But is it worth to risk your profit?

The visual design of the pages is the “appearance” by which users meet your company on the Internet. No matter what people say, this is what forms the first impression about your level. Exclusive design will form the right attitude of potential clients during the first contact and allow you to maintain the right image in the eyes of existing clients.

Our approach to the creation of design for websites and applications

Sales orientation

Creation of design is part of your business model. High-quality modern design helps to increase sales. This is especially important for online stores. We develop clear and user-friendly graphic elements that lead a person to a target action and help sales.

Usability and user comfort

The visual design of the website can both repel potential clients and make them fall in love with your site forever. Therefore, in the design of the website, we are guided, first of all, by the convenience and comfort of the user while visiting your resource.

Good design reduces bounce rates and improves behavioral factors.

In addition to an abstract increase in audience loyalty, high-quality design impacts quite specific indicators that can be “touched”: a bounce rate and behavioral factors.

Adaptive design

The share of mobile traffic is overtaking traffic from desktops, and in some niches it already exceeds it. What does it mean? You need to think it through at the website design stage, but if your website has created long ago when no one has ever heard about adaptability — it is time for changes. The adaptive design will correctly display your website on smartphones and tablets.

Brand Identity / Company Branding

Corporate identity is a logo, corporate style, packaging, made in a single corporate style and branded graphics elements. It is the visual representation of your brand!

What elements does the corporate identity include

  • logo development

  • corporate identity

  • creation of a brand book

  • label /packaging design

We develop the identity and make branding design for companies from different business niches. Here’s how the process takes place:

  • we study the specifics of the business, product, services;

  • analyze the market, competitors, consumers;

  • create visual graphics elements for your business goals;

  • develop corporate standards for the use of visual elements for the future;

  • support in the process of implementing the visual identity.

Branding from LuxSite specialists is non-standard solutions, full immersion in the project and active interaction with the client. It allows us to create accurate and memorable solutions for each company. Order branding from LuxSite — this is your chance to increase brand awareness and stand out among competitors.

Design for social networks and advertising

Social networks are ruled by pictures. If you cannot make a beautiful picture for an informational post or a selling banner for an ad, if your community has a dull cover and corporate groups do not have branded visual elements — you lose to competitors. Because they already use it.

The LuxSite design team will develop for you:

  • unique page design – cover and design of posts;

  • the structure of graphic objects on the page;

  • the visual style of content and advertising;

  • creative advertising design.

Competent advertising design increases the reach and engagement in the publications.

Design of printed products

High-quality print design is cool texts, stylish design and good polygraphy.

The design of printed materials in LuxSite are layouts that will lead new customers to you and increase the number of targeted appeals. We work with all types of printed materials: business cards, leaflets, booklets, posters, placards, diplomas, certificates, invitations, cards, calendars, postcards, branded folders, etc.

We have experience of work with different companies and niches — so we know how to make printed products that will bring you as many customers as possible.

To order website design , brand identity, design for social networks or design of printed products — fill out the brief.

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